Weekly Leaks: What’s that Big 3 S’s Stand For?

Ok some of us don’t know what 3s is,right? I asked a few people… I got different answers, but the best was Samir Sandwiches Snack. Imagine that this was true. How funny would it be to leak unimportant things… 3s is a whole new dimension to the way people live!

Well, it seems the guys I asked are not from the “Faraya Crowd”.  3S Cottage is nearly four decades ago earning a reputation with skiers as being where modern chalets and a luxury lifestyle stem from.

In time, the cottage lost it’s charm… until recently when a  group of investors acquired 3S Cottage combined with the efforts of architects, designers, builders, craftsmen, and carefully selected partners will be create outstanding chalets in a close knit environment.

At 10,000 m2, 3S Cottage is set against a magnificent natural backdrop of mountains, with panoramic views of the sea. Conceived as contemporary chalets within four independent blocks, the residences range from 80m2 to 250m2, and from simplexes to duplexes. Some chalets have private gardens, others have rooftop access, and all have underground parking spaces and storage facilities.

The development’s 7,000 m2 of green space makes it an ideal escape in any season. With such varied options, the developers are able to cater to several lifestyles and budgets. Clients can even adapt aspects of the chalets (like layout and material) to suit their unique needs, while the project is still in its prelaunch stage.

A high end gymnasium, swimming pools indoor and outdoor children play area facilities, a snack set-up and a movie theater are just some of the few things to look out for.