Weekly Leaks: It’s Getting Haute in Kaslik

Just when you thought you have seen it all in Lebanon, a new place comes to life boasting yet another outstandingly unique concept. This week we have a few new leaks… new places are opening from coast to coast… from Jounieh to Beirut, each holding a concept that different from the other.

Kaslik, an area that has held a string reputation for being one of Lebanon’s nightlife destinations for years before the birth of Monot, then Downtown, then Gemmayze … but it looks like it’s reputation is coming back, adding more choice for night owls in Lebanon.

Introducing the enigmatic SHOU Restaurant & Lounge…an audacious and ultra-chic dwelling for foodies and fashionistas alike.  SHOU is a restaurant, lounge and fashion house all in one, fabricated with one goal in mind: to blow their customers away with a positively shocking, out-of-this-world experience designed to engage all senses and appease even the most refined of appetites!

Half vintage villa, half contemporary structure; SHOU is comprised of a main dining area and an indoor and outdoor terrace.

SHOU flaunts an ultramodern, cutting-edge interior with a 70’s retro flair, creating an avant-garde abode of psychedelic sophistication.

A mesmerizing marriage of past and future, SHOU features inspired design components including; An enormous, eye-catching “CATWALK TABLE” as a main focal point, an elevated VIP lounge with a futuristic egg shaped DJ booth hovering above it.

A groovy color scheme rich in PURPLES, REDS AND BROWNS. A Futuristic furnishings and funky, fashion-inspired accessories. SHOU is a relaxed, fine-dining establishment offering delectable Italian & Asian fusion cuisine.