Vote for BO 18 Beirut- DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs

Let us all put Beirut again on the international music map by voting for the legendary BO18 (Beirut) in the world’s most important Club poll.

How do I vote? How can we let the whole world that we have one of biggest clubs on the planet? How can I make myself heard? Click on this link :, fill in the blank fields like the example, when you are finished, click on the “Next” button. When a new form opens in order to register your vote, enter the information, make you quote both rules agreements, and then click on the “Submit” button. Make sure this is the vote you want to place and confirm by clicking on “Next” button. Later on you will receive an email so click on the confirmation to validate your vote.

Remember its the project that was built underground. Its façade is pressed into the ground to avoid the over exposure of a mass that could act as a rhetorical monument. The building is embedded in a circular concrete disc slightly above tarmac level. It comes to life in the late hours of the night when its articulated roof structure constructed in heavy metal retracts hydraulically. The opening of the roof exposes the club to the world above and reveals the cityscape as an urban backdrop to the patrons below. Its closing translates a voluntary disappearance, a gesture of recess.

The place to party between 2am and 6am. Designed to look like a tomb/coffin and has a spectacular rooftop that opens at dawn.
With your favorite DJ’s Gunther & Stamina, Ziad and international guests from all over the world.

It is BO18 (Beirut), the legend. Remember each vote counts, so you can vote, tell your friends, force your family to vote.. Beirut: The Only way it should be!!!