Vespa Club of Lebanon on the Rise


Olio Pizzeria Gemayzeh Vespa Club of Lebanon was officially announced as member of the Vespa Club World by their exclusive distributors: A.N.Boukather.

Present that evening were his excellence the Italian ambassador Mr. Giuseppe Morabito and his wife, Vespa clients and members of the press. The “Vespaïste” came on their Vespa and parked them in front of the restaurant. More than 30 Vespa were parked at Gemayzeh calling the curiosity of drivers and pedestrians during the evening.

A touch of creativity was signed by Olio as the menu was totally reinvented and plates were named by Vespa models, for example was served a Pizza LX 150, Gnocchi LXV 125 and the chocolate cake Choco Piaggio, referring to the mother company of Vespa. Vespa was also the name of a drink served that night, a mix of non-alcoholic ingredients to encourage clients to drive safely.

DJ Chris and Tanguy Faucon animated this great evening with games and prizes to be won as Vespa accessories; all risk insurance offered by Commercial Insurance and a flight offered by Alitalia to visit the Vespa Museum in Italy. Mrs. Denise Abikhalil representative of Alitalia handed the prize to the lucky winner Mr. Mohammad Chamseddine, a “Vespaholic” client who is already addicted with Vespa culture and waves through the street of the city on his Vespa LX 150.

The Vespa Club of Lebanon will be more and more active. In fact, the next scheduled meeting will be in London where more than 15,000 “Vespaiste” will gather and Lebanon will be participating and carry colors of our national flag.