Valentines Day – To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate, We Ask You

Well its Valentine’s. It’s here every February 14 of every year and we always know when it’s coming. Everything in the stores turns pink and red and, suddenly, your television set seems to have lost the ability to air commercials for things other than jewelry and chocolate and your phones keep getting messages of all the ‘lovey dovey’ offers out there.

For me personally, Valentine’s Day passes like just any other day of the year. But for some reason, a lot of people get anxious on that day…  This holiday has become a day for lovers to exchange gifts and for everyone else to sit at home watching chick flicks and eating chocolate we bought our loved ones … I think it has become too commercial. While others say people shouldn’t need a special day set aside to appreciate those they love and argue that it typically won’t even do much for the state of a relationship. You can celebrate love daily.

But at the end of the day we all ‘Love’ and the world means a lot of things to different people… We learn from our experiences and we feel better sharing all the good and the bad. We celebrate love, whether in a relationship or single. We find love in so many things.

So on which side are you? You’re the face of this week.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s or not? Is it a commercial event or a day you wait anxiously for each year? How do you celebrate love…? We want to hear all…