TRON is in 2 Days – Sneak Peak and Competition Winners

If I had to choose one word to describe TRON Legacy, it would probably be: delicious.

The immaculate graphics of the world set inside a computer, all in glorious 3D, give you an urge to reach out and touch the smooth, shiny, perfect surfaces. The illuminated suits, the cycles, the discs, the architecture, the interior design and everything else look absolutely brilliant. For computer generated imagery fans, you will be more than satisfied with the sheer amount of effects, which even encompass the characters themselves, with two Jeff Bridges playing on screen: modern-day Jeff Bridges, and Jeff Bridges almost three decades younger as CLU.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you and all I can say is that I’m going to go watch it again when it is released. The Sci-Fi genre desperately needed an epic movie, and TRON exceeded my personal expectations. Honestly, with all the hype and build-up, I expected to be disappointed. On the contrary, it was even better than I imagined.

The story line is very deep and leaves tremendous room for introspection on the issues raised. However, it is not very preachy nor too loaded with political messages, but still manages to point out one essential thing: that perfection is actually imperfection, a statement we encounter everyday of our lives in our increasingly connected and digital lives.

CLU is the program Flynn senior created to make the digital world “perfect”, and turns into a fascist-type authoritarian with his followers lit up in red or orange, while the neutral, idle programs remain in white or blue lit suits. Sam, Kevin’s son, somehow manages to get from the real world onto the grid, and goes on a journey in the digital world that has epic battles, funny scenes and of course a little bit of romance with Olivia Wilde’s character: Quorra.

That’s all I’m saying. Go watch this movie, I seriously recommend it. Also, add to the sublime visuals the superb Daft Punk soundtrack, and you get absolute perfection.

TRON will be released on December 23rd in cinemas across Lebanon.

Competition Winners Are:


– Yasmine Saade

– Georges

– Ghinwa Ibrahim

– Rabih

– Houssam Chehab

– Fahed Abou Saleh

LED-lit Caps:

– Jim Ramsey Khoury

– Elie Saade

– Amro Akkad

– Andre Abou Haidar

Memo Pads

– Joanna

– Said Jaroudi

USB Hubs

– Tony Yammine

– Elie S

More prizes up for grabs after the release date =)