Timbaland Concert ticket Winners!!

The 15 tickets presented in collaboration with the Crystal Group (12 regular and 3 VIP tickets) are yours now. The winners of the Timbaland competition have been announced… Winners will be contacted via email, and they can collect their tickets from our offices in Jal El Dib by Thursday/Friday.

The answer for the competition is 50 cent concert in 2006 at Biel. For those who answered 50 cent and misplaced the location, it will be considered correct.

And the winners are:

VIP Tickets: Karla, Hania, ray

Regular Tickets: Tanya Muslimany, Caroline Hamade, Nadim Daher, Houssam, Youssef, kamal reda, Jean-Pierre, Stephanie El Cham, andre abou haidar, vanessa karam, Yara Tabet, Anwar Chehade

Can y’all feel this?

This Summer, Prepare yourselves to witness a This Festival consists of series of events happening all summer long in Lebanon… And to start in style… Crystal Group are proud to welcome, Superstar Singer and Producer: TIMBALAND LIVE AT LA MARINA JOSPEH KHOURY for a live performance that will raise the bar for other performers!!!

On June the 26th witness a live show that will bright up your senses with its colours and its sounds as Timbaland will hit Lebanon for the first time!!!

Super-Producer Timbaland is a grammy award winning singer/producer/rapper/ and has been one of the music industry’s biggest names as he stamped his imprint with his style from the mid 1990’s with futuristic sounds. He is also the core element behind the success of many artists…

But his best work is his own!!!! Feel the Hip-Hop breaking beats on June the 26th and enjoy a performance that will make you dance like you’ve never danced before!!!!

His show has been charted as a Live phenomena with its well studied visual stunts that will be executed by a specialized team of visual operators and graphic designer.

This time, Timbaland will hit Beirut city for his own show and performance bringing along his whole crew to insure the best Hip-Hop event to kick off summer 2010.

Don’t miss out on the Crystal summer festival’s first mega concert on June the 26th at La Marina Joseph Khoury, which will be the first among others…