The Lebanese Auction: Buy Your Dream Car in the Biggest Car Exhibition

I’ve got my eyes on a black slinky old corvette… have been craving for a car like this! I saw one today at the Lebanese Auction event taking place at the Fouad Chehab Jounieh.

I was amazed at the choices available in this new and innovative way for buying a used car. The choices are vast, facilities available for buying a car are also available. The fact that it’s also time saving, as I am sure, you like me have no time to go around to different used cars show rooms to shop for a second hand car.

So if you’re looking to buy a car… bored of the conventional way of going around to different used car showrooms? I think that the Lebanese Auction’s biggest used car used car is the answer for you!

Head down tomorrow to Jounieh’s Fouad Chehab, June 12 and find yourself a nice cool second hand car that you can use this summer!

I’m definitely going!