The Grey Goose VIP Lounge

For the occasion of the 2011 Marina Boat Show, visitors had the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury drinking, in what revealed to be the highest level of mobile lounges to ever be unveiled in Lebanon: The Grey Goose VIP Lounge.

The lounge setup first started receiving walk-in guests on May 18th 2011, from 17:00 to 20:00. And for the following two hours, the area was strictly turned into a private event for the media.

The lounge opened the doors for everyone at the show to have a taste of Grey Goose, “The World’s Best Tasting Vodka”, in its perfect VIP mood. It also spread awareness regarding the mobile VIP lounge itself, as people discovered the concept of a rentable lounge for private parties, refined events & VIP weddings; not only as a bar serving Grey Goose, but as a comprehensive and complete service (from bartender services to the drinks & the bar).

The Grey Goose VIP Lounge was a truly magical experience for all those lucky enough to have visited it at the 2011 La Marina Boat Show. The Grey Goose invitees were blown away by the elegance of the brand and its entire mood. To add the experience the Grey Goose VIP Lounge to your wedding or party, you can send your request by email to


About Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose vodka, the world’s favorite luxury vodka, is created with one goal – to be the world’s best tasting vodka. Made in Cognac, France, home to the world’s most respected experts in spirits making, Grey Goose vodka benefits from the region’s rich history of creating luxury foods, wines and spirits. The Maître de Chai (cellar master) for Grey Goose vodka ensures that every element of its production is of the highest quality. He selects 100% of the finest French wheat, the same wheat used to create delicious French pastries, and employs an exclusive five-step distillation process to concentrate its exceptional flavor. Pure spring water naturally filtered through Champagne limestone is then blended with the spirit. Only when the spirit has reached its optimal taste is the maître de chai truly satisfied. Grey Goose vodka is lush, smooth and rounded and melts in the mouth with a long-lasting, satisfying finish.