The Architect’s Head

An Installation by the sculptor/architect Guillaume Crédoz.

The installation attempts to create a mind map at the moment of choice. This instant where we step back and consider our options, where one’s life becomes the object of questioning, and he finds himself detached and externalized.

It is from this viewpoint that the artist attempts a representation of his thought, revealing the questioning and projections of the process.

Having worked and taught Architectural Design in the framework of reflexive practice (1) the architect puts to use his projecting ability to construct his choices, by projecting himself in the hypothetical possible futures of his
choices. The Installation also raises an autarkic (self-sufficient) fantasy: the sculptures, drawings, and models are all personal creations of the artist. At the heart of the installation, a succession of sixty-three self-portraits made during a period
of retreat, evokes the insight and difficulty of self-observance.

The porcelain-sculpted heads, modeled without a model, are fired in his workshop’s kiln, and finished with a unique glaze developed by the artists and his wife. It combines both a Robinson Crusoe-esque self-sufficiency (who has to rebuild everything on his own from nothing) and a forced face-to-face inasmuch as the clay only reflects what the artist is capable of in the total absence of a model to guide the way. The heads, eyes closed, and open-mouth, listen; the skulls think.


Guillaume Crédoz is a French architect who lives and works in the Middle East. He has taught Architectural Design at the Université de Montréal alongside J.P. Chupin. He has also worked in the research and creation lab in UQaM in association with N. Reeves, and has collaborated in a number of projects within the framework of the Society of Art and Technology (SAT). He is currently working on Beit Ghouyoum: workshops for ceramic, wood, engraving, stereo-lithography, photography, and forging, whose setting is an Ottoman grand house in the historic sector of Damascus. He participates in
many international architecture and urbanism competitions, and heads a number of architectural projects in Lebanon where he is co-founder of BlobArchitecture together with Aram Yeretzian.

Thursday, February 10. 2011

10/2/2011 – 03/03/2011. @ 7:00 Pm

Venue: Qcontemporary, Beirut. Beirut Tower, Ground Floor, Zeitoune Street

Across from Beirut Marina, Solidere, Beirut.