The Airport Dance Goes Viral

Surely you have seen the video on youtube showing the dabke dance at the Beirut Duty Free… If not then you must have heard people talk about it. For two days in a row professional dancers made the Duty Free their stage for dancing “dabke”. The first day was for rehearsal while the second was the actual thing… But what was it and who is behind this unique flash mob, that we have seen before in ads created for T Mobile…

Duty Free’s Airport Dance is a celebration of Lebanese Spirit. It went viral in town, making the rounds on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, and even making it to LA shores.

The Beirut the Duty Free flash mob is unique because what started out as a staged event that has been used in many countries as a new medium of communication quickly turned into a spontaneous dance, with many Lebanese and foreigners joining in.

This is further testament to the contagious spirit and vivacity of the Lebanese. It’s already been viewed by nearly half a million people, and with such success, don’t be too surprised if you come across another flash mob soon somewhere in Lebanon. But then again, it could all be just another impromptu Lebanese party.

Agency: M&C Saatchi. Client: Beirut Duty Free. Production Company: Zoé Beirut, Director: Amin Dora, DOP: Muriel Aboulrouss. Music: Alain Meheb (JADE Remix)