The 10 Lucky Winners are…. promised you 7 regular and 3 VIP tickets for 10 lucky winners, just by figuring out the image that was posted for an event taken earlier and live the beat with Cosmic Gate and JOOF. The event posted as most of you got to know was Above & Beyond at La Marina. BeirutNightLife got a huge response and we have selected the 10 dance music fanatics, that will get to be there and witness the event of the season.

The names include:

John Srour, Fadi Serhal, Micheal Khoury, Sabri Kiyeji, Marc Hannouch, Hisham Majzoub, Elie Ghob, Dona-Maria Souhaid, Hussam Moueini, Lynn Bizri, Nada Mansour, Lara Assaad, and Kamal Rida.

We are One day away from the long awaited event for this season. Dance, enjoy the beat, and ask for the surprise of the night, we just got more for you.