T. Gargour & Fils inaugurates the new Mercedes-Benz showroom

Mercedes-Benz New Showroom Dora

Despite recent challenges within the region, T. Gargour & Fils has announced the opening of its new Mercedes-Benz showroom in Lebanon. The opening reflects T. Gargour & Fils’ dedication to provide the best to their customers and their firm commitment in Lebanon. The new showroom provides high-quality products and services in an innovative setting; reflecting the brand’s true heritage and its position as one of the world’s leading luxury vehicles.

Mr. Stephan Hajji Touma, Chairman of the T. Gargour & Fils Board of Directors, commented on the occasion: “Our successes stem from our confidence in Lebanon, which endures regardless of how tough the challenges of building a prosperous country may be. Back in the early fifties there were very few Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Lebanon and we were perceived as bold and adventurous for deciding to make this luxury vehicle more available to the Lebanese.”

He added: “After years of relentless effort, we are at the forefront of the industry, just as we intended. Despite the economic challenges this country is facing, this is undoubtedly another achievement. Throughout the years, Mercedes-Benz has proven to be the first choice for Lebanese in search of quality, safety and innovation.”

T. Gargour & Fils has built a state-of-the-art, 1300 square meters showroom strategically located on the Dora highway. It is able to accommodate up to 24 displayed cars and includes a two-level basement, resulting in a total area of 6000 square meters. The new Mercedes-Benz showroom meets the needs of all of their customers, providing them with a higher level of comfort and convenience using unique features and the most advanced technologies in the world of luxury vehicles.

Mr. Cesar Aoun, General Manager of Mercedes-Benz and Smart at T. Gargour & Fils, remarked: “The secret to our success is simple. Firstly, we offer unmatched products in terms of safety, quality and excellence. Secondly, we build strong relationships with our customers by providing them with an exceptional service whilst continuously seeking to exceed the aspirations of the Lebanese market. The location of the showroom and the outstanding services we provide reflects the strong heritage of T. Gargour & Fils as well as our ongoing mission to meet the needs of our customers. Customer service is not an option but an obligation for those who wish to lead in our industry.”