Succaria: New resto cafe in the heart of Dbayeh

Succaria, a fresh new resto cafe in the heart of Dbayeh, opened its doors on the 5th of June, just in time to welcome the 2012 Euro CUP. Located on the back road of the Dbayeh highway, it is the perfect Chillout zone away from daily traffic.

Newly owned by MET sarl, Succaria has a new management, a new mood and an entirely new menu that caters a humble and classy experience. Its food range varies from New York Style Sandwiches with a twist, Italian Pizzas and an exquisite mixture of platters. The menu also includes a wide range of appetizers and the sweetest desserts a restaurant could offer.

With its large indoor and outdoor space accommodating around 500 people, Succaria is “the” place for all Shisha lovers. With its high ceilings and the large vented space, the non smoking crowd will not be bothered by the tasty ajami & moassal fragrances.