SMIRNOFF® ESPRESSO: A Match Made in Heaven Now in Lebanon

Diageo Lebanon’s latest launch, Smirnoff® Espresso flavoured vodka, is a match made in heaven, playing to both the strengths of Smirnoff as the world’s number one vodka, and to coffee as the world’s number one beverage – 2.25 billion cups are consumed every day. Together, the two combine for a remarkably delicious treat!

 Following its great launch across the world in Travel Retail Shops and Lebanon’s Airport Duty-Free Zone, Smirnoff Espresso will make a stirring scene in the Lebanese market, lifting the party scene to the next level. Whether at home or in a club, from Gemayzeh to Hamra, Downtown to Kaslik, this spirit will be the center of parties and events. Select Lebanese locations will be transformed with strongly branded merchandising units and sampling of this product. On the Smirnoff MENA Facebook page, fans will find exciting and engaging activities that will quickly show how Smirnoff Espresso can liven up the party.

The iconic positioning of Smirnoff No. 21 has inspired this new flavour variant. Try it with cola and an orange wedge as a great drink for a night out, or with Hazelnut liqueur and a cold espresso for a perfect Espresso martini cocktail. The 1-litre bottle pack comes with neck hangers and leaflets with cocktail recipes to inspire diverse ways to enjoy Smirnoff Espresso. Lebanon just loves coffee – a great coffee flavour combined to the exceptional Smirnoff experience is sure to win Lebanese hearts, minds and mouths!

As the Brand Manager for White Spirits in Diageo Lebanon comments: “We are confident that Lebanese will love the Smirnoff Espresso variant as they are constantly looking for something new and different that they can discover and enjoy, especially since they love the flavour of coffee and adore cola. The activities we are planning for such an energetic Lebanese nightlife scene will bring to life this bold flavour and will attract new consumers to the points of sale who are motivated by the fantastic purchase opportunity. Vodka is the most popular spirit category in the world and it still has an enormous opportunity to reach its full potential in Lebanon. Through innovations such as Smirnoff Espresso, coupled with stunning activations that surprise and engage consumers, we will increase the vibrancy of this exciting category.”


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