Selim Mouzannar – New in Old

With a deep appreciation for the accomplishments of the past and his eyes fixed firmly on the future, Selim Mouzannar constructs his designs through imagination, creativity and care. From the sketchbook to the finished, polished product, he can draw the steps out one by one in his mind. His poetic sense, combined with his optimistic wit and humour, are the essence of the spirit which infuses his creations.

The artist is a dynamo of energy and free thought. Born into a generation-old family of jewellers and raised in Beirut, this 46-year old travels to Paris, new York, Bangkok, Yemen, Cambodia and Indonesia for the inspiration which he brings back to enrich his jewellery.

The Terra, Beirut, Link, Haute Joaillerie, Pebbles, Swing , Kastak , Classical, Bloomy and Mouz collections consist of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces, mixing old and new stones in a variation of cuts and colours. The result is a meeting of the stone and the spirit, glowing in self-harmony, taking the owner on a journey of enchantment.

The perfect stone is at one with the eye and the aesthetic sense, and creates a communion between the material and the physical part of life giving exceptional energy to the wearer.
Mr. Mouzannar’s jewelry collection is inspired by the history of Lebanon and the influences on a society at a crossroads of cultures and religions.

“The paradox is the beauty that emerges in the midst of all the violence,” says Mr. Mouzannar, who is today well established in Beirut’s jewellery industry. For more insight, Absolute Beirut sat down with the artist to hear his thoughts on his newest collection, the latest trends and his techniques.

What is your latest collection all about?

The Beirut Collection takes its roots and inspiration from the shape and soul of Beirut’s traditional homes and old souks. It employs dazzling yet restful colours. Here the angle froms an arcade, there the vault of a souk’s main gate, here again remains of this balustrade witness of the city’s tears and laughs. A city often bruised but always alive.

The Terra Collection symbolizes all together a limitless universe. This is the sphere in its wholesome splendour. This is our earth, the living focal point of our universe.

The Link Collection reflects the multiple facets of human relationships. Independent links form from one another yet we strive to live together in harmony.

The Kastak Collection collection is inspired from the long history of the region ruled by the Ottomans with yet an influential fingerprint of the European know-how. Here the gold chains used for the fob watches find a new life as necklaces married to all kinds of trinkets and accessories, each a witness of a very rich heritage: tassels, keys, photo lockets are all valuable reminders of our past and legacy for our future. An heirloom, strong and fresh message of life’s continuity.

Why is vintage – everything with that old feel – loved so much these days?

We all have a sense of nostalgia for an era, a time, a form, a being… Vintage is a blend of yesterday , today and tomorrow’s dreams.

What materials do you use in your falamank designs?

Precious stones and semi precious stones on Gold, mostly Pink Gold. A lot of Sapphires, rubies and Diamonds. Rosecut of katchanaburi sapphires and all kind of natural stones.

How do you make something new look old?

Why do you want to go backward? I like to renew and retouch or revive old things and give them the fresh air of new look.

Who are your clients?

Lebanese and International woman that like refined and non-pretentious jewels, to be able to wear in day time as well as for an evening dress. Our clients are women and men in search of something unique.

What’s next in the pipeline for you?

A Variation of the current Collections, especially the Beirut Collection which is sparkling in Lebanon and internationally. An International Orientation, more developed while privileging our Lebanese market. We are currently in Istanbul, in Dubai and in negotiations for various points of sales in France.