Science Days 2010

Following a success that was marked by more than 16,000 registered entries last year; the “Science Days” are back for their third year in a row at the Beirut Hippodrome. The three-day event was launched under the auspices of the Lebanese Minister of Culture Salim Wardy and was attended by senior officials, international delegations from Switzerland and members of the press who praised the initiative and the benefits it presents to the community at large.

The comprehensive program features presentations by universities, schools, research centers, associations and individuals who will showcase their various projects show, applications of scientific research and its importance in our daily life and discuss the necessity, utility and the various approaches to scientific experiments.

“Ayam Al Ouloum is a great opportunity for our students, faculty, and the public to see disciplines combined into a unique blend of artistic aesthetic with the communication of scientific principles,” stated Salim Wardy Lebanese Minister of Culture. “These projects are fun and a great way to teach important concepts related to chemistry, biology, genetics, and other fields of science”, he added.

“We aim to present science in an accessible and enjoyable way,” explained Najwa Bassil, Ayam Al Ouloum organizer, “56 projects will unveil their secrets to the audience and I’m sure that families and schoolchildren alike will find this exhibition thoroughly enjoyable.”

“Science Days 2010” features a diversity of themes that range from medicine and futuristic science to astronomy and environmental preservation all of which have been displayed by associations, universities, research centers as well as schools at dedicated stands. Participants will use modern education techniques to spark curiosity and encourage visitors to discover the extraordinary phenomenon of knowledge.