Roberto Cavalli to launch the Aperitivo at Cavalli Caffè Beirut

Cavalli Inv 1


On Saturday May 4th, Roberto Cavalli will be flying in to Beirut to personally launch the Aperitivo at Cavalli Caffè in an evening that promises to embody the style and elegance synonymous with the Cavalliname.

A host of Beirut’s most influential figures will join Roberto Cavalli to inaugurate the Aperitivo at Cavalli Caffè,officially launching the daily event for the summer season.

Aperitivo is an end of day custom that invites patrons to enjoy a light menu of appetizers with a selection of cocktails, intended to help wind down the day and prepare the palate for the evening’s meal.

After being launched on Saturday, Aperitivo will take place every day on Cavalli Caffè’s terrace from 5pm to 8pm. Offering a menu of signature appetizers and a wide selection of cocktails and drinks from the bar, clients can discover the truly Italian experience in view of the city’s majestic sunset.