Rihanna Gets Naked with Kate Moss, Naturally

In the mood for some steamy, off-the-cuff pics? Of course you are! And Rihanna’s Instagram is the place to go, day or night. She fulfilled her civilian duty to post hot pics of herself once again when she leaked these super-hot photos from her upcoming V Magazine portfolio, alongside Kate Moss. Maybe celebrities aren’tjust like us after all.

Still, they certainly make a pretty pair. Just one thing, though: Can someone please tell Rihanna to start wearing her hair like that all the time? We’ve loved a lot of her looks, but that slicked-back, “Addicted to Love” look really accentuates her gorgeous facial features, don’t you think? And whatever Kate’s doing seems to be working, too. So overall, great work, guys. Keep it coming. A+.

Source: http://shine.yahoo.com