Edmond Moutran

In an inspirational interview, Ricardo Karam hosts in his weekly show the Chairman and CEO of Memac Ogilvy Group for the Middle East & North Africa, Edmond Moutran who is honored with the prestigious Dubai Lynx Advertising Person 2014 Award. The episode features his in-depth profile with a highlight on various chapters of his biography from a professional, personal and family perspective, revealing the secrets of his success. A memorable interview which will undoubtedly be a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs and start-ups, as the fire and determination of his innovative business spirit still burns strong and bright.

Edmond Moutran – Eddie to his friends and colleagues – is known in the marketing field as the man who created many “firsts”. Eddie’s dynamism fuelled his ambition and determination to carve his own path. In 1984, he began his own agency, Middle East Marketing and Communications which became better known by its initials: MEMAC. The founding of the company typifies Eddie’s willingness to take a risk when he set up shop with four people, one client and just $13,000 capital. Today, Memac Ogilvy has 15 offices in 13 countries, employs over 1,000 people and has revenues 250 times greater than back in 1984.

“With Ricardo Karam”, meet Eddie Moutran- a pioneer of the advertising industry in the Middle East and North Africa who “did it his way!”

The episode will be aired on Sunday March 9, 2014 on a number of satellite TV channels including Rotana, LBC SAT and Future TV.