Red Bull Can You Make It 2014?



Red Bull Can You Make It will be the adventure of a lifetime. 100 university teams from 27 countries around the world will be tasked with the mind and body challenge of traveling over 1000 kilometers across Europe in 7 days, using Red Bull cans as their only currency.

How will it work? The 100 teams that will be selected by a jury based on their energy, desire for adventure, and charm of their application, will begin from one of the 4 starting points in London, Paris, Milan and Vienna.

During the seven-day journey, competitors won’t be allowed to use cash or credit cards, and instead must trade cans of Red Bull for transportation, lodging, food and other necessities in order to reach the finish line in Berlin. There will be 30 checkpoints spread out across the rest of Europe, in which teams will be faced with challenges that they must complete. A case of Red Bull will be rewarded after each completed challenge to carry on with their journey. Teams will have to visit a minimum of 6 checkpoints to be eligible to successfully complete the competition. The teams will upload photos and videos of their journey, and rally support from followers back home.

Team members that arrive in Berlin on April 11 by 5pm, who have traveled the furthest distance in the 7 days, reached the most checkpoints, used more transportation methods than any other team, and who rally the greatest support following, will be crowned the Red Bull Can You Make It champions.

The prize: a paid trip for the team to any Red Bull event around the world.

University students over 18 years of age are eligible to apply in teams of three beginning January 31 until the application deadline on March 12. Thousands of teams will apply, but only 100 will be selected. One team will be chosen from Lebanon.

It’s a journey of wits, adventure and strategy, which leaves one main question: can you make it?

Check out to apply, learn more, and to follow and support your team on the journey of a lifetime.