Qatar to Host 2022 FIFA World Cup!

A special congratulations to Qatar and all Arab countries for winning the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar!

The decision was announced moments ago in Zurich, Switzerland!

Russia will be hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup

And the world’s biggest sporting event will be held in Qatar in 2022!

Already though, fans have begun voicing funny concerns and asking premature questions…

  1. How will the Qatari officials deal with the abnormally high temperatures? (Answer: the ingenious outdoor air-conditioning systems planned)
  2. Will we be able to drink beer?!
  3. Will we fit in the tiny peninsula?!
  4. Will rising sea-levels engulf the GCC nation?
  5. How green will it be?

“Yes”, “they’d better”, “I’m sure we will”, “hopefully not” and “it already is” are the answers we’d all love to hear, in that order! =)

We cannot wait for 2022! How about you?

Some of the stadium concepts we will be watching the games in 12 years’ time =)