Prepare Summer Skin- You Too Men

Did anyone else notice that rapid rise in temperature? Not only has it been a dead season for Faraya, summer has come in spring. And while that can only be good news for sun lovers, it also means that it’s time to begin your summer skin care regime. Having been bundled up all winter, now it’s time to show some skin … but how to ensure healthy, smooth-looking skin when it’s been under wraps for so long? It’s well-known that the cold winter weather dries out skin, leaving it flaky, pale and, sometimes even tortoise-shelled, or mottled.

Fear not. we are to the rescue: here is how to restore your skin in preparation for its advent back into air.

EXFOLIATE to get rid of dead and dry skin. Always exfoliate in the shower to prevent harm to your skin, and use a washcloth or a loofah to scrub using gentle, circular motions. Your skin may feel braced, perhaps even raw, but the slight soreness will soon give way to your soft silken skin of old. Dermatologists advise not exfoliating more than a couple of times per week, as you want to give your skin cells the chance to rebuild and revitalize. Some dermatologists also recommend chemical exfoliation, but we find that the physical does the work just as well, with the advantage of being entirely natural.

MOISTURIZE to hydrate your skin. Post-exfoliation, your skin will be dry, so moisturize well. If your skin is only slightly dry, you can use a liquid moisturizer; otherwise, opt for a cream one. Choose a moisturizer that is noncomedogenic: one which won’t clog your pores and therefore lead to breakouts. You want to allow your skin to breathe, especially as the Lebanese summer is so hot and humid.

Don’t forget to moisturize each time after you exfoliate, shave, and shower. You cannot moisturize enough – unless, that is, you are using a tinted moisturizer, which you should not use more than three times per week, as this may result in excessive tinting or streaking. If you do use a tinted moisturizer, supplement your usage with a regular one.

You might be blessed with naturally tanned skin, but don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Sunburn is the fastest way to age and wrinkle the skin prematurely. Dermatologists recommend wearing a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher with a broad-spectrum agent that protects against UVA and UVB rays, however dark or fair your skin is.

If you’re going to the beach, it is even more necessary. Apply it before you reach the beach or outdoors, as it takes around 20 minutes to have an effect. Reapply it frequently, as it only lasts for about two hours. Equally, it should be reapplied after swimming. If you have any scars, apply extra lotion, or use a cream with a higher SPF to ensure that the sun does not lighten or darken them.

REMOVE unwanted hair. There is nothing worse than waving at your friend across the street, only to realize that your armpit hair is flowing wild and akimbo, restraint forgotten. If you shave, use a shave-minimizing moisturizer afterwards, which helps the shave last longer.

TREAT YOUR FEET; and we don’t just mean go for a pedi. If you have fungus or discoloration on your toenails, try a whitening or antifungal agent. There is even laser treatment available to whiten nails that uses similar technology to teeth-whitening treatments.

If you have dermatitis, peeling, or callous on your heels, use a peel on the skin to remove all of the callous material, or try an exfoliating callous cream.

Once you’re getting your pedicure, ask for your toenails to be cut straight across. If toenails are cut into the sides, they will become ingrown.