Pin-Pay: A Revolutionary Technology. Send Money Anywhere, Anytime

Ever wish you could pay for something with your cell phone?  Pin-Pay has developed the technology and state-of-the-art platform that allows you to use your very own mobile to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Today, your friends with kids will whip out their cell phone to show you photos. So why not put other staple of the wallet-such as driver’s license, credit cards, and membership cards-on the mobile?

Although we’re maybe far from putting driver’s license info on our handset, we can now pay anyone using our mobile. We can also pay to purchase goods and settle our restaurant bills, parking meters, and cab fares using our phone.

This is a promising concept. sits with Danny Abla, Founder and CEO of Pin-Pay, a revolutionary concept that’s expected to change our whole life style.

What’s Pin-Pay in a few simple words?

Today, I believe that our mobiles are the most personal things. It’s something we rarely forget at home… like our wallets or so. This valuable product should be the center of everything we do – for one – paying!

Pin-Pay is the latest technology providing mobile payment and mobile banking solutions via a state-of-the-art platform. Our goal is to transform the mobile handset into a payment tool. This is done by:

1-      Providing customers access to their accounts via their mobile handset,

2-      Linking your bank account to your mobile handsets,

3-      As a next step we can also link credit cards to your mobile handset as well as provide banking services to the ‘Unbanked’ via Pin-Pay-Wallets.

In what ways will Pin-Pay change the way we live?

For starters, you don’t have to drive places to make a transfer, or get stuck in hours of traffic just to pay someone… you can now do so at the comfort of your own home, or where ever you may be for that matter. I for one was able to pay someone while on a plane from India to Dubai. Took me 20 seconds and the money was transferred instantaneously to the other account.

Our menu driven application has 3 steps that should be performed easily even to non-tech-savvy people, in fact if you are savvy enough to send a text message than you sure can send money through your phone.

When did you start?

The company, Pin-Pay sal started in 2008. Since then we developed a highly secure system . We launched our service in March 2011 and we are proud to say that we are the first mobile payment and mobile banking service in Lebanon and the most comprehensive in the region. Currently, our services are available for Bank Audi customers.

Bank Audi is the leading bank in Lebanon and has been a partner of Pin-Pay SAL from day one. Our services with Bank Audi are cobranded Pin-Pay (for mobile payment services) and audimobile (for mobile banking services).

Soon we will be able to provide our services with many banks as we have signed another major bank and we are in negotiations with others to deploy our system and provide the Pin-Pay service.

How does it work?

To be able to send money using Pin-Pay you have to have a Pin-Pay account. The receiver can also be registered with Pin-Pay, but it’s not essential. You can send someone money, even if they have not registered with Pin-Pay. The receiver can go to any our cash-out outlets currently we are in the process of signing with Cash United /Money Gram which have a strong presence in Lebanon. This is just one of the many services that Pin-Pay delivers.

What should we expect in the coming future?

We are now working on several things. We are developing our park meters module that allows you to pay your ticket from your mobile. We are also working on International Money transfers that allows you to send money abroad to any country in the world through MoneyGram outlets both services should be available before end of year.

But the most important service we will be deploying is the merchant module. The merchant module allows our customers to pay in stores through their handsets and also pay for their delivery order. This is the service I personally am so eager to use as I am always short on cash when I order food.

Eventually all stores, restaurants and clubs will have our services as a payment channel making life easier for everyone including themselves.

Imagine that you’re in a nightclub and want to pay your bill on the spot… with out the hassle of giving your card, getting it back, signing it and so on… or using cash and waiting for your change back… and the worst part is gathering the money from everyone to pay the bill.

We can avoid this head ache by using Pin-Pay.

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