Pier 7 Coming to Take Over Summer 2011


Since the buzz started all nightlife participants in Lebanon have been eager to see, hear, or get their hands on any information regarding the club that will take our breaths away this summer, Pier 7. Crystal Group has announced that the doors will officially open Thursday June 30th 2011. Of course Beirutnightlife.com will be there to bring you all the details and Pier 7 happenings but in true BNL fashion we must give readers a sneak peak.

Inside scoop: BNL met with Pier 7 production regarding details on this project. Pier 7 will be the place for VIPS. Club will offer a level complete with 7 private suites including secret entryways and added security measures to avoid the crowd. For a club that will provide guests with astonishing entertainment there must be a superior way to display performers, Pier 7 will do just that. In addition to presenting entertainment in a different light, DJ’s will also be conducting the crowd from their own superior platforms. The main focus of the club will be to take you out of reality through a tunnel into another world. Projecting and image (or many images), and adding special effects around the spherical masterpiece will guarantee guests will enter with a full head and leave with a clear mind. Location is key for Pier 7. Being near the sea gives the club the ability to figuratively give guests an under the sea vibe as well as literally take guest into the water. All this will be done under the “Cloud”.