Outdoor Lebanon: A New Initiative by IFP

Under the theme “Live it Out!” International Fairs & Promotions (IFP) launched the first international exhibition for outdoor recreational and sporting activities and environmental tourism in Lebanon and in the region exhibition of its kind for recreational activities and outdoor sports in Lebanon and the Middle East, “Outdoor Lebanon.” The exhibition will take place between June 22 and June 26, 2011 at the BIEL Exhibition Center in downtown Beirut.

“Lebanon has a long history as a preferred destination in the region for outdoor activities and sports. During the last decade, Lebanon’s temperate climate and rich nature have begun to attract many foreign visitors and local residents interested in outdoor recreational and sporting activities as well as environmental tourism. The Lebanese mountains annually host very large numbers of skiers, who enjoy the skiing and winter sports season, while the summer is best known for all types of water sports and activities, such as diving, fishing, swimming, and others, while hunting, camping, and jogging are popular, traditional summer activities in Lebanon” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IFP, Mr. Albert Aoun, in his opening speech.

Aoun added: “In recent years, several internationally well-known outdoor sports have been introduced into Lebanon and have drawn the attention of the Lebanese public, such as driving ATVs, bungee jumping, gliding, kayaking, and jet skiing, and other thrilling and high-risk sports. Many such projects in this field have been set up in different Lebanese regions.” He concluded by saying: “We have decided to organize this exhibition to promote these types of outdoor activities, to encourage internal and environmental tourism, and to introduce different outdoor sports popular with aficionados and the youth. This will be the first exhibition of its kind in Lebanon and the region that builds on the natural wealth of the country and that caters to the interests of all categories of citizens without exception.”

The exhibition will include several local and international companies specialized in this field, to exhibit the latest and best of what they have in terms of equipment and clothing, and all the adventurer, sportsman, or amateur’s needs for equipment for fishing, camping, diving, jet skiing, and other water, land, or aerial sports and activities. The exhibition will constitute an opportunity for many international companies to launch some of their products in the region’s markets for the first time. General Motors Company intends to reveal one of its new mountain cars during the exhibition, while some European companies are planning to reveal new hunting weapons and their accessories. Visitors who are concerned with physical fitness will be able to benefit daily from a special program of sports exercises, whereas the rest of the public will be able to enjoy fashion shows, with bathing suits, sports clothes, and other special and varied shows.

According to the exhibition’s announced events program, IFP seems to have decided to make this summer event a pleasant experience to all members of the family, by organizing various activities in an outdoor courtyard of 6,000 square meters, the “Radical Rush Area”, including a very wide range of exciting games, such as bungee jumping, tug of war, wall climbing, free falling and other games that will ensure the participants a lot of fun and excitement. IFP has also allocated a special 1,000 sqm area exclusively dedicated for children and it has made sure that it conforms to the highest safety standards. The activities featured in the exhibition include a skeet shooting contest and an archery contest. They will be held in cooperation with the Syndicates of Merchants of Hunting Weapons in Lebanon, and the Lebanese Federation of Archery and Shooting.

Outdoor Lebanon will offer to its visitors, amateurs and professionals, activities that will include trips to nature, taking out bicycles and vehicles on mountain roads in an adventure they have not experienced before. In parallel with the exhibition, and in cooperation with the Al Akhbar newspaper, colloquiums will be held that will be devoted to environmental tourism, under the title “Prospects for Environmental Tourism in Lebanon.” They will host several speakers to discuss aspects of environmental and natural tourism, in addition to special sessions that will deal with health and nutrition issues.

Sport and recreation will meet enthusiasm at Outdoor Lebanon, an exciting event that will ensure the most enjoyable time for all its visitors.