Mzaar Festivals with Nicole Wakim

Nicole Wakim seems to be the talk of the town right now. A week after a long weekend of ongoing fun and celebrations during the Mzaar Summer Festival 2011, people are still talking about the great organization and the well established exhibition which attracted thousands of people from around Lebanon to come celebrate St Mary’s Festivities.

BeirutNightLife talks to Nicole Wakim to learn more about her work and her vision!

The word around town is that Nicole Wakim is a strong woman who is great at what she does. Tell us what you do? 

I am the Marketing manager of Tourisme et Sports d’Hiver Mzaar, the ski resort. I handle all marketing and event activities in winter and summer.

This year’s Expo in Faraya was a success. Tell us more about it. What was different?

We kept it simple, open to all categories, smooth and relaxing atmosphere. We were selective in the choice of exhibitors.

What things would you avoid next year?

We will see next year. But we have big plans.

What plans are you working on now?

We are now working on a winter plan of events as well developing summer deals for August 2012, which will be our 9th edition.

How do you usually deal with the competition?

I don’t really consider we have a competition we always try to build our own positioning and try to offer the best we have.

What does tourism mean in your line of business and how do you take advantage of it.

Tourism is of paramount importance and is THE key of attraction. We try our best in winter and summer to bring international people who would promote our ski slopes our beautiful gardens in their countries. And we travel a lot to show what our country has.

How would you promote Lebanon if you were put in a position to do so?

I would say it is the best place on earth!

What advise would you give today’s youth, especially women?

To believe in themselves