Grass Skiing, Street Circus and Fire Works… Weekend to Look Out For!

This summer the name Matisse seems to be creating a buzz! They have brought you the chance to ski in the summer – with a new Skiing on Grass concept at Faqra Club. But that’s not all their doing there… Get to know what’s happening in Faqra Club and who’s behind it!

Lynn Sawaya is the founder and managing partner of Matisse Events, she has worked her way up in the event industry from early beginnings over 10 years ago. Lynn has supervised and overseen more than 600 events since then.

Her knowledge and experience enabled her to establish Matisse Events and manage the company with a vision to carry on expanding it and taking on an increasingly diversified number of events. Lynn is driven by a passion for events, and her unique talent is expressed by her energy and ability to create, operate and manage successful events.

Johaina Ahdab is one of the partners and the creative manager at Matisse Events.Johaina makes full use of her outstanding creativity for each event, to develop unique concepts and ideas, and identify new ways of planning themes. Johaina brings exceptional value to our clients thanks to an unmatched attention to details and her creative sparkle

Your name is buzzing around this season you’ve been busy tell us what are you doing?

We have been very busy indeed! This year has been a breath of fresh air for the Matisse Events team with different events in different cities taking place since early in the year. We are working around the clock to deliver, create and execute new ideas, and meet the expectations of all our clients. And we are all wearing a smile on our faces because of the satisfaction that comes with it, especially at this very special time of the year during which we are finalizing our key event of the summer: The Faqra Club Street Circus.

Tell us about the new Faqra Club revamped image; tell us about the new Faqra Club expo we heard its more exclusive…

Faqra Club has developed a longstanding reputation for its annual summer events as well as other events throughout the year. Every August, people from around the country flock to Faqra Club, expecting their share of entertainment and fun, and never leave disappointed.

This year, Faqra Club has revamped its image and identity, changing the entire concept of their annual event to exceed everyone’s expectations and breathe new life into the club. Matisse Events is handling this year’s summer events for the first time, and it comes with a twist, and a new vision that is meant to entertain everyone day and night. This year’s show will feature a breathtaking international act performing in Lebanon for the first time, 30 exhibitors including up and coming designers and artists, and a handful of Beirut’s trendiest restaurants. A VIP zone will also be available for Faqra Club’s residents, featuring lively private entertainment, as well as a kid’s area.

And last but certainly not least, the highly anticipated August 14th blowouts will be a one-of-its kind spectacle taking place on the newly launched Faqra Grass Ski.

You recently launched Skiing on Grass as well, what’s the feedback so far?
Ski on Grass is a groundbreaking concept, and the first of its kind in the Middle East. Building an event around such an exciting new concept was therefore another exciting venture for Matisse. The purpose was to create a buzz around this new activity by Faqra Club, and to create an entertaining event, in line with Faqra Club’s quality standards and brand image. The event was a success and drew people from different ages to come and experience Ski on Grass, or simply enjoy the entertainment. We have received positive feedback and this is just the beginning of what we see as a solid, efficient and hopefully long lasting partnership between Matisse Events and Faqra Club.

What other events are you working on as well?
We are working on a number of private events including corporate events, new brand and concept launches as well as weddings on a weekly basis. This is again one of the busiest years Matisse Events has had, and we believe from hereon that we are only getting bigger, more ambitious, more passionate and more dedicated to deliver exceptional events, so stay tuned for more thrill to come…

Tell us about Matisse
Matisse Events is an event management company established in 2006 by Lynn Sawaya and Tania Rahal. Our company is a creative boutique concept that provides bespoke service for a wide range of events including corporate dinners, weddings, conferences, private parties and much more. For each event our team identifies a new and different vision; and develops groundbreaking concepts that are setting standards in the industry. Matisse Events is all about creativity and personalization. Our team dedicates its undivided attention to each and every client, providing personalized advice and consultancy on all different aspects of the event throughout the duration on the project. Our portfolio speaks for itself with a myriad of memorable events organized in Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Greece, France, Russia.