Celine Barel & Pierre Wargnye– CK One Shock Street Edition for Him


the inspiration 

According to you, does this fragrance have similarities with existing Calvin Klein fragrances, and more specifically ck fragrances? 

Yes, as other Calvin Klein fragrances it is pure and simple yet powerful and masculine.

What were the sources of inspiration to create this fragrance? 

For the creation of ck one shock street edition, the initial brief and the brand identity of ck one were the real inspirations. they both made my imagination evoke urban life and freedom of expression. ck one shock street edition introduced a new artistic world revealed by a free spirited and artistic man.

P.WARGNYE1-46-715x1024the fragrance 

How would you describe the fragrance in your own words? 

Young, adventurous and warm

Which family does it belong to? 

Oriental gourmand

If you had to choose 3 key words to describe the fragrances, what would they be? 

Effervescent, colourful, sensuous

Could you explain what each ingredient brings to the fragrance? 

  • The fresh mojito accord, watery cucumber and sparkling citrus, shock the senses with an energizing burst of freshness.
  • The aromatic spices, geranium and unexpected raspberry cocoa accord, bring intensity and adventure to the fragrance.
  • he chocolate tonka, touch of vanilla and toffee leave a sweet, cozy and long-lasting signature.

Can you provide an ingredient dictionary for all of the fragrance notes?

  • The fresh mojito accord was created for this fragrance to add a sweet and effervescent feeling to the fragrance.
  • The watery cucumber adds an energizing and clean feeling to the fragrance.
  • The sparkling citrus accord is a combination of citrus notes that bring an explosion to the top of the fragrance.
  • The warm aromatic spices ignite enticing eruptions, as their hot and spicy scent induce elated stimulation.
  • The geranium adds a richness and sweetness to the fragrance. these flowers grow mostly in the eastern mediterranean region. most of the geraniums are prized for their beautiful flowers, but many of them are appreciated especially for their aromatic scents.
  • The unique raspberry cocoa accord brings an addictive blend of fresh, sweet and creamy notes.
  • The chocolate tonka beans bring a sweeter note to the native south american tonka beans that are reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, and cloves.
  • Vanilla is the most versatile ingredient, with the highest quality leaving lasting creamy, bakery gourmand notes.
  • Toffee brings a unique blend of caramelized sugar and butter, topped with almonds and raisins.

Fabel-graffiti-300x203What makes this fragrance unique in terms of formula? is there an overdose of any ingredient?

This creation has a unique and contrasted character. the clean and refreshing top notes are accented with the gourmand and spicy notes to create a uniquely addictive fragrance.

Do you see any olfactive similarity with the original ck one shock fragrances for him and her?

Both fragrances are fresh, impulsive, and creamy.

Do you see any olfactive similarity between the ck one shock street edition for him and her?

Both fragrances are gourmand, colourful, warm, and mysterious.

If you had to present this fragrance to a customer in one sentence what would you say?

This is an energizing, adventurous, and daring fragrance.

Are there any notes or combination of notes in particular that make this fragrance edgy and daring?

The raspberry cocoa accord is a unique accord because it creates a sensual fusion that is delectable and addictive.

How did you translate street art and urban culture to the fragrance? what story did you want the fragrance to tell olfactively?

I see this fragrance as graffiti on a blank canvas: fresh, clean transparent top notes transfigured by colourful, bold, sweet, and spicy notes.