Alephya: A New Lifestyle with the Arabic Alphabets

BNL meets great talents from Lebanon. We focus on fashion this week and meet the talented team behind a new brand creating a buzz, ‘Alephya.’ The name is composed of the first and last letters of the Phoenician and Arabic alphabets. “Aleph” is symbolic for the beginning and “Ya” refers to the end.

With Alephya, the letter form is used as a new aesthetic expression, without any specific meaning. We meet Nathalie Fallahah and Dina Abou Zahr, the innovators of this concept, who have transformed and liberated the Arabic letter form from its basic calligraphic form into a world of unlimited possibilities.

What does Alephya offer? 

Alephya, a new lifestyle brand proposes an endless array of applications: fashion, furniture, home accessories, stationary, jewelry and fabrics. The substrates for applications are numerous, ranging from metal, glass, fabric, glass reinforced plastic, leather, paper, wood, wax and mire.

We offer products for interiors, for personal usage and especially custom made products: we work with architects that do want to create a unique pattern and pieces for the private and public spaces. We are currently developing a whole line of tables: coffee tables, side tables, bed side tables… As well as a complete line of house linens, namely table cloths… to name a few.

You have recently introduced an amazing collection of t-shirts? How does that fit within your creative realm after furniture and so on?

Because that was part of the initial idea: We want transpose all these patterns on several object and materials…part of the lifestyle concept. The line of fashion goes naturally with the lifestyle concept. You become part of this new aesthetic as you are actually living it.

Tell us more about your t-shirts.  

They are stylish, easy to wear, yet have a strong personality. The t-shirts are made from organic cotton and made to be comfortable for everyday use with a design that will grab your attention, that recognizable without being commercial.

Who are you designing for?

An active cultured and well traveled woman, who has a strong sense of style. Alephya is designed for people who are not afraid to embrace the world and show their different nature.

What’s next on your design agenda?

More ready to wear, home accessories and furniture…