News Flash: Above & Beyond Flight set to take-off

In 24 hours, Lebanon will be marching towards the venue that will host one of the biggest dance events yet to happen in Lebanon. Poliakov present this massive dance event on tomorrow September 11th. The event will be the place to be that night, especially with an amazing Anjunabeats Volume 8 CD hitting the markets, and soon hitting your minds in a trip and a flight you will classify as memorable. The setup is ready, clubbers of Lebanon are anxious, and simply they just can’t wait anymore.


Above & Beyond said: “The level of excitement for the kind of music we’re into is really high, and the energy of the people makes the parties great. Last year’s gig, especially, was a night we’ll never forget, as we played live for the first time and came home grinning from head to toe!”, this is how they described 2009 gig, keep in mind they are set to elevate the level of excitement this year. Above & Beyond will be unveiling their brand new visual production for the first time  in what was described by the trio as “your best ever clubbing experience”.

Jaytech made it clear: ““You’ll be hearing some exclusive material from myself and the Anjunabeats/Anjunadeep labels, including some brand new tracks I’ve just finished. From my last experience in Lebanon it seems everyone parties hard until sunrise, which is always a good thing.”

Andy Moor stated: “It feels really amazing being with Above & Beyond. Ive been a longtime fan of the people and scene in Lebanon, and am very excited to be coming back to what promises to be a great event.”

So the right elements for a perfect night have been mixed: Beirut, Forum De Beyrouth, Jaytech, Andy Moor, Above & Beyond and the best clubbers in town, all together will make it a Memorable Moment.

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