Mybar, Your Bar

This is the bar for you. Literally. Mybar is a venue to be shared, by the people, for the people. It’s almost like your best friend’s salon – if your best friend’s salon boasted three bars and its own private sushi chef.

My bar is a new approach to bar ownership, sharing the expense of the venue between over 100 friends and peers who participate as co-owners in the enterprise. And by all accounts, their experiment has paid off. The restaurant is strategically located in the heart of Etoile, just to the Northwest of Beirut Souks. With a strong vein of industrial modernist in the edgy interior design, it is sure to appeal to a wide range of tastes and a broad spectrum of audience.

Using their own extensive networks of friends and connections, the ownership expands the popularity of the bar by their own presence.

Meant as a relaxed space for entrepreneurs and business people to kick back after a long day in the office, Mybar hosts a dizzying array of signature cocktails bringing the tastes of basil, ginger and countless other ingredients into your glass.

Unlike most sushi joints in Beirut, their head chef is actually Japanese, a point he did not fail to bring up with guests at the Bar’s opening. And the sushi he produces is testament to this fact – absolutely top notch, from the sesame salmon salad to the raucous fried shrimp.

Their signature cocktails vary seasonally, modeling flavors from whatever fruit or seasonings are available. Their head bartender, Tarek Arbid, is responsible for a new cocktail every week, and often follows the lead of the current crop, modeling watermelon, basil and countless other fruits and vegetables to create new and untried beverages.