Beirut’s Music Hall to Dazzle Dubai in January

The rumors are true. Beirut’s famous nightlife experience is finally coming to Dubai. MusicHall has confirmed the opening of MusicHall Dubai in January 2012 at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel on The Palm.

MusicHall Dubai will give Dubai a new outlook on the concept of nightlife. More than 10 unique acts per night, ranging from Rock to Latin, Gipsy, Middle-Eastern, Jazz and much more, MusicHall Dubai will showcase a unique blend of multicultural music that will definitely meet different musical tastes with an added twist of international DJs mixing world music.

Michel Elefteriades, owner and creator of the Music Hall phenomenon said, “Before we opened the MusicHall in Beirut, my advisors thought that such a project was unfeasible due to the high costs of bringing in several artists every night. They thought we did not need that many performances in one night. I persisted in my idea. The success of MusicHall has proved them wrong. Now, it is one of the hottest nightlife destinations in Beirut attracting music lovers from across the globe. With its diverse range of cultures and nationalities, Dubai is the perfect location for our second venue, and I look forward to the reaction when we open our doors in January.”