Message From Minister of Tourism Joe Sarkis


Still vibrant as ever !

Welcomes tourists, a fantastic place to visit, friendly and fun

Dear Visitor,

Ever since time immemorial, Lebanon has been and still is the meeting of great civilizations and culture. This marvelous land, rich in its cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes, archaeological treasures and varied cuisine, the warmth and hospitality of its people, is a country that has long been destined for tourism.

Beirut and all of Lebanon welcome the world with heartfelt smiles and opened arms to come visit its sunny shores, beautiful mountains and lush green valleys. Our reputation for world class hotels, sumptuous restaurants, classic historical sites, breathtaking eco-tours, delightful rural destinations, fantastic cultural events, and exciting entertainment is alive and only getting better!

I hope that these qualities combined with the country’s relaxed and family oriented way of life will make you feel at home in Lebanon.

The policy of the new government is to enhance the promotion of tourism in different sectors and to encourage investments in the country in order to make Lebanon a first class tourism destination in the Middle East.

Dear Visitor,

You are most welcomed in our country. “Ahlan Wa Sahlan”

Joseph Sarkis Minister of Tourism