MarieJoe Raidy- Artist and Businesswoman

Work is her priority. MarieJoe Raidy is a Creative Director at Raidy Printing Group, a renowned printing company in the Middle East. She dedicates her time to her day job which she find very rewarding and always strives to push the company further ahead.
“People inspire me; fill me with new thoughts, energy and ideas, and whenever I find some time alone, I am filled with desire and inspiration.”

Eager to preserve nature, MarieJoe Raidy launched the printing concept “eco-friendly” for the first time in the Arab world. With it, she devoted herself to a fierce battle against global warming by adopting the policy of sustainable development. Her concept is based on recycling of used material while maintaining the best printing quality winning them five international awards.

Her energy doesn’t just stop here. MarieJoe is an artist with a true passion. She tells story with every piece she creates… Absolute Beirut goes in for a chat.

What is normally your main subject in your art?
Art is a language, a message, an emotion, the immortalization of a fraction in time that we choose to represent, extend and transcend. My subjects are usually inspired by moments, people or issues that I consider essential to be shared. I destroy and reconstruct images, giving them a new dimension loaded with emotions and movement.

Can you tell us about the women in your paintings?
Oysters is a series of portraits in movement, mostly representing women with different possible readings. Some see them as women, some see them as men, and some as the evolution of one to another.

I like how you add text to your art work. How would you define that?
The artwork is created alone, so is the text; they are assembled in a collage afterwards. This started as part of a mixed media graphic novel I started working on a few years back. The intention was never to publish the book, but to find a platform to experiment and merge images and text both visually, in order for them to work together as one entity. The text alone says something, so does the images. Manually assembling them gives room to new dimensions, new readings and interpretations.

As an artist you must be sensitive to certain things in your society. Can you tell us about that?
Self improvement, Sustainable development and green policies, the implementation of better business values in Lebanese business corporations, children rights and women’s right for citizenship, are issues in our society that we all should be more sensitive to, and that I try to be more active in. being a member of Raidy Printing Group, the Lebanese League for Women in Business Child of Lebanon and the Better Business Group of the AmCham, helps me achieve these goals with groups of people who believe in the same things. Giving courses at the Saint Joseph University (USJ) also helps me spread these messages about social conscience while spreading the knowledge I am supposed to teach my students.

I heard that you’re working on a book? Tell us about it.
Across my professional experience so far, I met some admirable national and international leaders and business people. As a business person and print expert coming from a creative field, I am combining what I have learned in my professional life so far in a publication about things I find essential to share with emerging leaders and current professionals. This book works as a sort of mini-mentor pocket coffee-table book. The release date is still not announced.

How is it related to your art?
We are everything we experience and come across. So even if I am to say that the book is not directly related to my creative side, I am sure many will end up disagreeing. The artistic touch is in it without any doubt, I will leave it at that for now.