Mandaloun: Extravagant and Bigger

From the moment you set foot in Mandaloun, your senses will be assaulted by a rush of sight and sound. The new venue recently opened in Mar Mikhael models itself on the style of the old French cabaret, but offers much, much more through its fusion of modes and styles.

Massive light decals decorate the blue-lit walls, while at one end of the cavernous chamber a stage rises from the floor, bathed in red. Everything is pushed to the maximum degree, from the volume of the music to the massive bar running the length of one wall. It’s the details that make a difference in Mandaloun… Its high ceilings gives its guests a sense of freedom, no matter how crowded it gets, you will still feel spacey. The paintings on walls, the mirror on the stage that reflects the whole action over and over again, adds more beat to any music… on your way in you feel like you’re walking in to a glamorous home, distinguished stair case where you’re welcomed by the staff and walked through to your table…

Al Mandaloun brings in a wide variety of acts, form hip-hop artists to disk jockeys to orchestral bands to Arabic sensation that we all love to dance to, there’s an act for everyone. With this kind of selection, everyone is sure to find a reason to visit this eclectic new venue, a rising star in the buzzing heart of Gemayze. The venue offers partiers a good selection of entrées and hors-d’ouvres, including an excellent selection of seafood.

Never a dull moment from the minute you go in until you leave.