Life’s a Beach in Lebanon!

Time on the beach can be a rewarding and soul-inspiring experience. There is nothing better than leaving your worries and strife at home and taking a relaxed trip to the beach for a much needed “sun, sand and sea session”. Stimulate your senses, as you listen to the sound of the waves hitting the shore, feeling the sand between your feet and smelling the refreshing sea air. Lebanon is blessed with a large number of beach resorts that carry a diverse number of themes and facilities to ensure everyone’s personal needs are being met. Whether you’re looking for a beach day filled with fun and high energy activity or, you’re hoping to reconnect with nature in tranquil surroundings, the exclusive listed beach resorts have plenty to offer our Absolute readers.

Bonita Bay

Bonita Bay is located, 12km North of Byblos. Bonita Bay is a charming, well facilitated beach that offers serenity and a beautiful natural environment.

Bonita Bay has an intimate beach that is embraced by a shoreline of emerald green waters. Bonita Bay provides breathtaking views, with a location so close to the beach you can almost touch the water. It is an ideal place to dine with a spectacular view to enhance the dinning experience. Guests at the beach can savour fresh seafood while enjoying a comfortable and casual atmosphere.

Lazy B

During the summer months, Lazy B attracts an exclusive clientele, specifically those who seek tranquility and natural beauty. People who crave calm and serenity on their day to the beach will find what they are looking for at this charming beach. Purists who look to embrace the basic beach principles of sun, sand and sea will have this with no disruption.  No music is played in the resort, to help one fully relax.

Hammocks and beautiful chairs and beds can be enjoyed as well as the option of basking in the sun on wood, grass or sand. The fresh water pool, for adults only, overlooks the breathtaking view of Lazy B and the sea.

Riviera Beach Lounge

Riviera Beach Lounge is one of the trendiest resorts in Beirut. Guests can enjoy a secluded VIP area, two pools and a floating island overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean waters.

For those in search of fun in the sun, this beach venue comes highly recommended. Exclusive facilities are tastefully designed in a intimate yet spacious complex. The beach lounge allows for one to enjoy their day out if they are in the company of family as the complex houses a kid’s area with a family corner. For those in search of time alone or with friends, private bungalows with Jacuzzis at the VIP area are available for guests.

Riviera Beach Lounge has a number of dining options including: the island bar and restaurant, pool bar and restaurants for seafood and international cuisine.

Eddé Sands Resort

One of the most popular resorts in Lebanon, Eddé Sands is renowned for its diverse range of facilities and exclusive calendar events throughout the summer months. Located next to the ancient port city of Byblos, it is conveniently located beside one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lebanon. With its prestigious premises, Eddé Sands offers a wide variety of facilities to satisfy the varied preferences of its selective guests.

Eddé Sands distinguishes itself with the extensive use of sandstones, green grass areas and stretches of well designed unique landscape.

The resort consists of numerous restaurants that offer both international and local cuisine as well as trendy poolside bars.

Eddé Sands is popular amongst those in search of pure fun in the sun and often noted for their innovative approach to beach entertainment including music and dancing till sunset.