Lebanon set another Guinness Record with World biggest Fattouch dish

Kabelias at Wadi Dalam has managed to set a record and place Lebanon in the Guinness Book of World Records again by preparing a the largest Fattouch plate in the world. The Lebanese traditional salad dish weighed four tons and 434 grams, making it the first ever Fattouch dish to enter the Guinness Book of Record. This achievement comes next to the list of successful trials to add the Lebanese mezze dishes, including  hummus, tabbouleh, and the Zgharta Kibbeh.

Participants of the Fattouch achievement included hundred women from the town, working for four hours chopping  worked over four vegetables. Material used include 1500 kg of tomatoes, and 85 kg of watercress, 105 kg of radish and onions, 42 kilos of Mint leaves, 1050 kg of Cucumber, 315 kgs of lettuce, 126 kgs of Sumac, 45 Kgs of salt, 210 kgs of olive oil, 336 kgs of lemon juice, in addition to 336 kilograms of  toasted bread.

One more time Lebanon in the Guinness Book of Records. Congratulations!!