Lebanese Webdrama Shankaboot Snatches EMMY Award!

Tweet from @Shankaboot
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For those of you who didn’t know, Shankaboot is a Lebanese-made web-series, it is the first online drama in the Arab world. Episodes are a 5-10 minutes each, and are in their 4th season already!

It revolves around the adventures of a young delivery boy on his vespa around the streets of Lebanon. There’s love, drama, crime, and suspense crammed into each 5 minutes, and definitely worth your time!

The Emmy!

The guys have won the “Digital Program: Fiction” Internation Emmy a few minutes ago, and we would like to congratulate them on this immense honor and wish them all the best going forward. Shankaboot helped reignite a dormant Lebanese film industry, and with this extra boost, we will hopefully be seeing a lot more aspiring Lebanese filmmakers!

The Winners on Stage

Images courtesy of the Shankaboot FB Page