Lebanese Unity Match

In a friendly game for politicians in Lebanon, it was very difficult for our politicians to stay on their feet after the players fell down to ground more than the ball did, and that assured on the fitness of our politicians.

The best player between the politician “MP Sami Gemayel” was the top scorer of the Red team and the game’s only scorer in the absence of the White team, led by MP Ali Ammar, however the Red team with its Captain “Saad Hariri” was shining. The match ended with a 2-0 for the team of Sheikh Saad al-Hariri and at the end of the game the two teams exchanged hugs in a unique scene and an emphasis on unity.

All 30 Cabinet ministers and lawmakers from both the majority March 14 coalition and the Hizbullah-led March 8 alliance as well as ambassadors, security chiefs and presidents of Lebanese sports associations were also invited to the game under the emblem “we are all one team.”

Among the players in the 30-minute match were the following ministers and MPs: Ali Abdullah Ziad Baroud, Jebran Bassil, Mohammed Rahhal, Akram Shehayeb, Simon Abi Ramia, Ibrahim Kanaan, Ghassan Mukhaiber, Fadi Aawar, Alain Aoun, Ali Ammar, Serge Torsarkissian, Nadime Gemayel, Sami Gemayel and Ali Miqdad.