Lebanese Football Association Sanction players for life after match-fixing Scandal


Two of the first Lebanese National Team players, Mahmoud El Ali, Striker and Ramez Dioub, where banned for life and a fine of $15,000 was imposed after the Lebanese Football Association proved their involvement match-fixing scandal. The sanctions involved 24 players in Lebanon as well ranging.

The Secretary General of the West Asia Football association announced the results of the investigation opened by the Lebanese Soccer Association with the regards to the match-fixing scandal. The committee divided the sanctions to four categories:

  1. Life Ban from any football-related activities and a fine of $15,000 US dollars
  2. Ban for for three seasons and a fine of $7000 US dollars
  3. Ban for two seasons and and a fine of $5000 US dollars
  4. Ban for one season and a fine of $ 1000
  • Category Two: Other players where fined and banned according to the categories include Hadi Sahmarani, Mohammad Jafar (Category two).
  • Category Three and Four: Ali Bazzi, Ali Faour, Ahmed Zreik, Hassan Mazhar, Abbas Canaan, Mohammed Hammoud, Muhammad Abu Atiq, Hussein accurate, Samer Zinedine, Hassan Alawiyeh, Mohammed Baqir Younis, Ali al-Saadi, Omar Aweidah, Tariq Ali, Akram Al Maghrebi, Sadek Assad, Bashar al-Miqdad, Hussein Sharifeh and Ahmed Younis.