Kotch Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in Style


Kotch, the exclusive private fitness center and spa celebrated its 2nd anniversary on June 7th at the Cavalli Caffè terrace from 5pm till 8pm. The stunning ‘Kotchian’ crowd was amongst the list of VIP guests who had the chance to meet with entrepreneur Mrs. Eliane Tabet, the creator and general manager of Kotch along with partners and renowned professional personal trainers Edwen Khoury and Wadad Mougharbel.

Members, friends and the Kotch family gathered at Cavalli Caffè’s exquisite terrace, to enjoy the sunset, whilst mingling and sharing their wellness experiences and indulging over mouth-watering delights and sipping on exquisite champagne and cocktails.

Kotch is located in one of Beirut’s charming 20th century houses on the port highway. With personalized trainers and customized programs along with lavish spa treatments, Kotch is strides ahead of existing concepts in the region with its facilities and care for each and every client.

“Understanding that life in Lebanon is fast paced and people are yearning for health and fitness solutions that is not a ‘one-size’ option is one the key areas where Kotch delivers above and beyond in the fitness services industry”, explained Mrs. Tabet, General Manager of Kotch.

“We’re delighted to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary and are looking forward to the successful years ahead. Each year we have new additions and this year will include many new surprises”, Mrs. Tabet continued.

“We want our members to look healthy and enjoy life, not just be fit. We think that the body needs as much fun as training. We conceived a program that does not include the word “deprive” anywhere.” confirmed Edwen and Wadad, Personal Trainers at Kotch.

Established in June 2012 by the visionary Eliane Tabet along with two renowned professional trainers, Wadad Mougharbel and Edwin Khoury, Kotch has grown to become a leading brand name synonymous with luxurious fitness and wellness of the body.

Visit www.kotch.me to know more about the programs and offerings.