Jordan Ride 2011: Firsthand Thrill of the Harley-Davidson Experience and are on a roll! After last week coverage of the California Superbike School with Aprilia, our team flew to Jordan to accompany the Harley-Davidson MENA and their crew on the “Jordan Ride 2011″. The event was a successful thrill! It was 36 hours of jam-packed action on the road with Harley-Davidson (H-D).

H-D has been described as “A brand that lives in the souls of many. Whether they ride it, they wear it, they experience it, they collect it, they live its lifestyle… Yes, a brand nominated as one of the world’s top 100 lovemarks.” We were offered a chance to find out that for ourselves.

The day started early as we headed down to Harley-Davidson Amman dealership showroom in Naour. The adrenaline rush started. Following the tour, was a brief presentation given by Elsa Abi Nader, H-D MENA Marketing Manager, regarding the new bikes. Then Claude Abry, H-D Amman Dealership Managing Partner, gave us a sneak preview about the ride map.

After choosing our helmets we jumped into our bikes and were ready for show time. Hearing the fabulous engine sounds of the DYNA and V-Rod starting, set us in the perfect mood to capture every detail of what lies ahead.

We departed from the dealership and headed on a scenic tour from Naour to the Dead Sea. We traveled up from under sea level towards Panorama, then continued to Mukawir, Rib and Dhiban heading to Wadi Mujib for an amazing view, pit stop and coffee at Wadi.

After lunch, the trip continued to the old castle of Kerak, where we learned more about this ancient city and the touristic site, which also had an incredible view.  It was now sunset and we touched down on the Dead Sea again. With only street lights to guide us, meandering the city roads in the dark, heading towards the dealership.

The Jordan Ride 2011 may have ended here, but the H-D experience will surely never stop. We celebrated the day and its breathtaking experience with a lovely dinner, delicious wine and great company – a real and full Harley-Davidson experience.


After this experience, it’s no wonder that H-D is one of the world’s top 100 love marks. Thanks to the H-D team and everyone at PAZ PR Agency for making this event possible, a success and a memorable one for our team.

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