Ipsos Middle East and North Africa releases 2013 TV audience measurement results

Elie Aoun, Edouard Monin, Nick Papagregoriou, Davide Crestani, Christian Saab

Ipsos, the number one research company in Middle East and North Africa, released their official results for Television Audience Measurement (TAM) for 2013, during a gathering at Hilton Metropolitan in Beirut. The event took place in the presence of key representatives from the media industry (including advertisers, media houses and TV stations), who attended presentations by Ipsos MENA management and their partners in TAM measurement in Lebanon, Nielsen Audience Measurement.

The event pertained to sessions conducted by Nick Papagregoriou, Nielsen’s Managing Director in MENAP and Davide Crestani, Nielsen’s Chief System Architect & Product Engineering, presenting the attendees with the latest audience measurement peoplemeter technologies and their accuracy, noting that these most advanced technologies have been used by Ipsos in Lebanon for a while now. On behalf of Ipsos, Chairman and CEO MENA, Edouard Monin along with Ipsos MediaCT MENA President Elie Aoun presented the overall results for the past year in Lebanon.

A thorough update about Ipsos’ TAM panel in Lebanon was presented to the attendees, along with an in-depth analysis of the results. Representatives from Ipsos segmented results based on the attendees’ interest and presented them with unique findings, when it came to television audiences. In addition to this Ipsos announced that it will be expanding its sample in Lebanon to 700 households across the country which will cover approximately a daily reporting of 2,830 individuals aged 4 years and above.

Our partnership with Nielsen in TAM in Lebanon lies within our ultimate goal of providing our clients with the most accurate results for TV audience measurement, using the latest meter technology. Together with our global media expertise and driven by their advanced TAM technologies; advertisers and TV stations can have a clearer vision about the industry,” commented Edouard Monin, Ipsos MENA Chairman and CEO.

Ipsos MENA, founded in 1988, currently has offices in 15 countries around Middle East and North Africa, while conducting studies covering 20 countries around the same region. The company has presence globally in 85 countries and is among the topkey industry players around the world. The TAM technology was first brought to the Lebanese market by Ipsos, 15 years ago, as a breakthrough in the entire Middle East region.

Ipsos continues to release new services keeping up with the consumer needs and further providing clients with resources and easier platforms to facilitate the business process.