In Your Face: “Ministry of Tourism Fails to Promote Lebanon via New Media”

Recently our beloved country has been facing some political instability and affected by regional events happening since the start of the so called “Arabs Spring”, but what does that mean? Lebanon is one of the best touristic destinations in the world, and with all the happenings, many concerts are taking place throughout the year, more international brands opening, French bistros and Italian Trattorias, new innovations with local bar opening in various areas, world best clubs and rooftops, cultural events and festivals making this heavenly piece of land, and many others a work of art…

The real question here is, Are these Enough?

What is our Lebanese Ministry of Tourism doing? What is our lovely Minister doing?

We at  will never be politically affiliated or associated in promoting useless political dialogue in Lebanon through our digital or social platforms, and this post has no political intentions at all but we wanted to just put it In Your FACE and state the ugly truth where the work of touristic and entertainment institutions is not supported by the core governmental power who in any respectable country give full support to this sector.

  1. We live in a new world, the digital world, the web and mobile invaded everyones life. Have you ever looked at the Ministry of Tourism website? They finally updated it with a new design, but have a look at the news and events section, it is full of their activity and never the country events and activities. Or maybe you should have a look at the amazing links they have, but seriously is this event REAL!!!??? Which ministry’s website is that? Internal affairs maybe. I do love the About Lebanon section… can’t we have a more updated version of that, maybe one from this century? Hit the reality our country is simply a full tourist destination from cultural to fun. Why can’t develop ourselves properly to reach compete with the best destinations in the world such as Miami, Ibiza, St. Tropez, or even the newly built cities such as Singapore or Dubai?
  2. This point is still a continuation to the first point (The Digital World), How is the Ministry interacting with the digital world? Where is their presence? Socially on Facebook the most famous social network, their last update was August 16, 2012. Twitter, the real time social media and highly engaged, with 0 (ZERO/NIL) tweets, and 4 followers “LoL Bezyadeh!!“. Did they plan to recruit a young Community Manager to work on their digital social presence, interract with people, comment on blogs, spread the news, and even follow and support what other digital medias are doing? I think they should swap this position with the old security guy that annoys people coming into the ministry main door and its library (I’ve seen it happening with expats). The ironic part is that small companies and websites such as, have been doing so for the past 10 years, spreading the nice image about this country all over the web, with a reach of more than 18 countries. (Thank You Dawleh!!)
  3. In one of the most prestigious tourism exhibitions in the region, held in Dubai ‘The Arabian Travel Market’ Lebanon has a very weak and cheap presence for Lebanon, with all due respect Brunei have a better image in that exhibition!! Very small space with a cheap section/stand design, while we see the whole world even our neighbors having bigger and more noticeable presence.
  4. What was this year campaign?The ministry tag line? Was it Discover Lebanon, Re-Discover Lebanon or Only Lebanon, ya khayeh discover again and again!!? How weak is it when we compare it with; Incredible India, Simply Dubai, The Island of Memories… Ireland. and many others which are much more outstanding with less ego. A true newly revamped campaign is a must, with a global reach.
  5. How close or connected the ministry these days to the young generation, those who believe in Lebanon, the country in the stories our grandfathers told us about, the Switzerland or Paris of the East. Don’t you believe this generation can make a difference? They do understand today’s world, and tourism trends around the globe, and it is a must to communicate with. We can have some fresh young blood in the ministry, with fresh offices, maybe a new location, someone who is not 60 years old? for instance lets take the Ministry as a company about to go bankrupt, and a team of entrepreneurs took it over with the intent to dust it up, and make raise from the ashes!!
  6. Last but not least. Smoking BAN. Yes, this should be a must in any developed city, but what did the ministry of tourism do or stand for with the Syndicate of Restaurants Owners? Aren’t they the main channels of delivering a real perfect product for tourists? What are the serious and reasonable decisions and statements it took to support them? You can ban smoking in public places, malls, fine dining places, working environment, but give us a break you cannot do it in clubs and touristic destinations at once. The old saying of my grandma, you cannot climb the ladder 10 steps at once, you should step by step, or you fall and BTEKSER RA2EBTAK YA TETA!!!.
Yes, it is all in your face, few facts we could share with you, we love our country, we believewe could do better, we believe Summer 2012 could have been  much better if the corporation (here in the ministry) worked and did its job well, by understanding the real problem and working on the true solution. All touristic channels in Lebanon would have a big smile on their faces, JOIE DE VIE (the famous quote by our minister on CNN Richard Quest Future Cities episode).
No personal feelings are involved in this post, no bad intentions to blame any direct person, just stating a love and true feeling about how to tell the world that Lebanon is still the place to BE, no matter what, once you try it you will understand what does it mean that tourism in Lebanon is simply one of the best you may experience and with authenticity.

We are sure that many companies, digital platforms in Lebanon, and venues are more than willing to support. is always their to support and support and support..

Now BNL’ers, and after we said IN THEIR FACE… What do you think? Is the Ministry of Tourism doing what it should to promote Lebanon? or what the ministry can do for tourism in Lebanon?