In the Trenches

Alfred Tarazi Study for a Mass Grave, 2010 Mixed clay sculpture detail

The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space welcomes you to come see “In the Trenches” which is a group exhibition showcasing three emerging Lebanese talents Rasha Kahil, Hiba Kalache and Alfred Tarazi.

Despite the presence of elements of conflict and struggle in Tarazi’s work, this exhibition’s title does not aim to reflect these elements in the context of war; it is rather a theme, a reflection of the struggles common to the thought and work process of these three Lebanese artists and the works presented here. They struggle with situations and conditions, inner or imposed; Kahil finds ways to deal with the desire to show off one’s body and the concurrent need for privacy, Kalache tries to overcome the limitations of her chosen technique, whereas Tarazi, true to his work, deals with the memory of the war, that many of us have either forgotten, ignore or are too young to have known.

A selection from In the Trenches has been exhibited in the SLICK art fair in Paris in October 2010. The exhibition will continue till March 26th 2011 at The Running Horse.

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