Ignite Your Night TONIGHT! BNL and LIPS Presents The BNL Summer Tour 2011

Join us tonight and tomorrow night (July 21st-22nd) for the BNL Beirut Summer Tour 2011!


Beirut Night Life
and LIPS want to party with you! Join us in visiting the hottest nightclubs of summer 2011. Tonight BNL and LIPS will rage Beirut kicking our night off right at Amethyste (Phoenicia Hotel). Follow us around town to the most happening rooftops. The Basement, Pier 7 and Beiruf. After the night is thru, head home, get some rest and be ready for tomorrow nights visit to the legendary, unmatched, underground nightspot B018!

People of Lebanon behold as we Ignite Your Night!

Full coverage of the tour along with unrivaled photo galleries will be posted on BNL for your viewing pleasure. See you tonight Lebanon!