Ignite The Night: Lebanon’s Weekly To Do List Aug 4th-7th

BNL is ready for another HOT weekend! Take a break from the heat and cool off at relaxing beach lounges then enjoy a night at one of Beirut’s legendary nightspots. Here is what Lebanon has in store for you this week.


August 4th-7th– Les Jardins Ephemeres at Rikky’z, Faqra: Some gardens inspire us, some gardens delight us, and some gardens soothe us. Les Jardins Ephemeres artists offer us the chance to uncover their inspiration through fleeting gardens. Installed on Rikky’z courtyard a fleeting haven of several thousands of square meters will be dedicated to gardening. Entertainment exhibitors and meetings will be on the program.

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August 5th– Amasi at the Riviera Beach Lounge: Amasi will receive guests till the end of the holy month of Ramadan. This upscale modern structure is specially styled in line with the Riviera Beach Lounge Terrace concept. The Amasi Souhour will feature all night live entertainment programs including: Oumara’ el Tarab, Darwiche tourneurs, and much more. The Amasi will open on a daily basis starting 10:30pm entertainment will begin at 11:00pm and will last until 2:00am. It will surely stand out as a unique concept in Lebanon during this holy month. It’s a perfect setting for people who like to go out at night after a long day of fasting.

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August 5th– Cid Inc at B018: USB Entertainment in collaboration with Ready Mix Records proudly presents Cid Inc. (Global Underground, Replug, Finland). Supporting DJ’s Gunther & Stamina will be joined by our good friend and returning international guest DJ Cid Inc. for a night of pure dance floor mayhem! Meet us at B018 for this amazing event.

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August 6th– Beach Party at the Riviera: Summer isn’t over yet! For the full month of August the Riviera Beach Resort will continue with its daytime beach parties. Enjoy lounge music from 9am-3pm then resident DJ Keano Gray will spin from 3pm-6pm. Riviera will take you into the last hour of your beach day with sunset music playing until 7pm. Relax for the rest of the summer at the Riviera Beach Resort.

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August 6th-Pirates On The Run Sailboat Parties – Volume 2 Sailing from La Marina:  After the storm of fun that took the Mediterranean sea during the first party, Pirates on the run is back for a second sail around. Join us on the boat for a Pirate themed party that includes our favorite…an OPEN BAR! Ship sales from La Marina Dbayeh at 4PM and the party lasts until 2AM.