Ignite The Night: BNL’s To Do List July 7th-13th

July 7th-13th is a busy week for Lebanon. Hope all our readers are well rested and ready for a new week of events that you all simply cannot miss.
Get ready to Ignite The Night!

(Click on event photos linking you to the event calendar for full event details!)

July 7th– G Production Presents Sun Is Up at Sun 7: Spend the Day sitting pretty on the rooftop of the Palm Beach Hotel. This beach party will be poppin’ from 11AM to 7PM. NRJ DJ’s Jay-R, Dimix and Mini-B will be supplying beats throughout the day. I predict maximum relaxation and great vibes!





July 7th– Basement In The Sky at Sun 7: Every Thursday Sun 7 at the Palm Beach Hotel will host Basement In The Sky.











July 7th/8th/9th– From The Days of Saladin at Baalbeck International Festival: Take a break from the party scene to enjoy a true Lebanese musical play. Performed live with elite singers, dancers, gorgeous costume and set designs. Backed by an orchestra of 45 musicians. Play takes place during the conflicts between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart that highlights the impact of conflicts between the East and West as well as its effect on Lebanon. This event is definitely worth seeing.


July 8th– DJ Walk Me Out at Mocean: This will be a killer beach party! Mocean-Kaslik will be launching their new beach bar and deck. DJ ABO & DJ FREDDY will be spinning a mix of house, techo, trance and R&B while go-go dancers entertain the masses. 30 Miss Top Models from around the world will be circling the premises mingling with party guests. Many sponsors including Stoli, Kunhadi, Sak Motors and more will be present for this fantastic event.








July 8th– Fat Joe live at Pier 7- “Da Fat Gangsta” Fat Joe, one of the world’s most influential Rap artists will be performing his greatest hits live at Lebanon’s freshest nightclub Pier 7.










July 9th– Florent Pagny at Byblos International Festival: Outstanding vocalists with a repertoire ranging from opera to pop rock, French vocalist artist along with full band will perform tribute songs to legendary French singers as well as some of his best known original hits.


July 9th– UB40 at the Batroun Festival: Lead  singer of the world-renowned group UB40,  Ali Campbell, will perform live in Batroun.  With over 70 million records sold world-wild Ali is no stranger to the stage. Show will surely make you stand up and dance.


July 9th– Gem Wine Festival: Gem at Gemmayzeh proudly  presents the first ever Gem Wine Festival. Gem, Ksara, Vintage,  Enologia and Kefraya will be showcasing wines, inviting you to  sample delicious wine based cocktails. Event will be held on the  St. Nicholas Stairs facing Gem.









July 10th- Starberry Licious pool party at  Pangea: Pangea continues their Stawberry  Licious Sundays at the VIP pool. This week-end  will feature a dancing fire show, water beds and a  giant pool ball to splash around with. Music by r  resident DJ Ralf with special guests DJ  Godfather from Canada and DJ Jad of Tarabay.  Reserve your beds, lounges or VIP bangalos  today!




July 12th– Jamie Cullum at Byblos  International Festival: UK’s top selling jazz  artist and pianist Jamie Cullum will be  performing live bringing along a full band to  perform his renditions of jazz standards and    pop rock staples. Jamie is a talented musician that has taken the UK and the world by storm.



July 12th– Vibes Production presents Loca  People at La Suite, Oceana: The Vibes Prod.  Team is celebrating two successful years of  event organizing the way it should be! The t  team is bringing to La Suite the man behind  one of the biggest hits of summer 2011, Sak  Noel featuring vocalist Esthera. In  Collaboration with NRJ event will also  include leading DJ’s Mini-B, Base, Dio &  Rudebox. Event will be full of amazing  cocktails provided by sponsors Moster  Energy, Dewars, Bacardi and Eristoff.             Lebanon get ready to show “Johnny” just how LOCA we can get!


July 13- French Night at Metis: Every Wednesday evening Metis  on Monot will host French night. Theme will be combining Paris  and Rio for a unique fusion of world music. Indulge your taste  buds in French delicacies and Latin spices. Fill your night with  romance and sensuality at Metis.