Ichiban: Quench Your Japanese Buds

Craving Sushi as always, but my friends and I are always looking for that perfect restaurant that will quench my taste buds with that proper Sushi taste. Today, in Lebanon everywhere we turn there’s a new sushi place. But, recommended by some friends, I tried Ichiban’s Jaledib outlet. The minute I walked in I felt a warm welcome by the cosy décor. Simple yet inviting, Ichiban, stands out among the rest in terms of service, taste and of course quality and variety served.

The menu, very rich, Their menu includes: starters, salads, hot food platters and dishes, Sashimi, Sushi, Temaki, Hoso Maki, Gunkan, Ura Maki, Ichiban wraps, desserts, and drinks. I tried a variety of sashimi’s, sushis and their shrimp tempura salad. Yummy is an understatement. The creativity of their food has attracted the attention of many, including famous chefs who say that Ichiban have mastered “the art of sushi.” The presentation is a feast for all the senses. I experienced Japanese food with a European touch as some of the items I ordered included non-Japanese ingredients.

Speaking to the owner of Ichiban, Fady Khoury, we understand that he has translated his passion for food by opening his first Ichiban, Cuisine outlet in 2004 on Jal el Dib highway. Following the success, they went on to opening a bigger outlet in the same area, increasing the restaurant’s capacity from 35 to 67 seats. The success of the place led to the opening of another branch in Ashrafieh, at Al Ghazal Tower seating 120 seats.

Beirut location is convenient, I think I will be meeting my girlfriends this week for lunch, as its location in the heart of city, makes it an easy and popular stop for any one in the area, especially for business lunches and more.

Khoury tells us that this year, Ichiban Group introduced “BAN by ICHIBAN.” Today, BAN by ICHIBAN is located in Le Mall, Sin EL Fil district, serving the same quality of food as Ichiban Cuisine, but with a lower price range and faster service. The company plans to open seven new Ban by ICHIBAN Outlets by 2012… sounds interesting!